OEC011 IPv6 Hands-On Workshop

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Durata: 4 Giorni
Costo: € 2.490,00
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Managers, Engineers, Architect, or Designers.


Upon completion of this training, the attendees will:
Understand the key IPv6 concepts
Differentiate IPv6 architectures
Configure IPv6 routing protocols
Configure IPv6 for PCs, MACs, LInux and routers implementations
Troubleshoot QoSfor IPv6
Configure IPv6 Securely across platforms
IPv6 transitions methods
This hands-on intensive IPv6 course looks at IPv6 as it applies to multiple technologies, vendors and enterprise environments. Students get an immersion into IPv6 protocol issues, transition strategies, security concerns and design issues. If you are an engineer or administrator in a heterogeneous environment, this class is for you. Upon completion, you will be able to properly implement IPv6 on your enterprise.
IPv4 Review
IPv6 Header
IPv6 Addresses
Neighbor Discovery Protocol
IPv6 on Hosts
IPv6 on Cisco Routers
First Hop Routing Protocols (FHRP)
IPv6 supported Routing Protocols
IPv6 Multicast
Transition to IPv6
Introduction to MPLS
QoS in IPv6 Networks
Introduction to Security in IPv6
Cryptographically Generated Address
Introduction to IPSec
DHCPv6, DNS Attacks and Countermeasures


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