Data Replication Essentials


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This course is designed to familiarize students with Data Replication Concepts. This course covers different meanings of data replication, different scenarios and implementations of data replication, drivers why businesses will want to replicate data, learn about the advantages of lag based replication their data, understand the challenges in setting up data replication and get introduced to the IBM InfoSphere Data Replication solution.

  • Show different applications of a replication solution and learn
  • Know various replication scenarios and implementations
  • Know various business drivers and why businesses sees data replication as a business need
  • Understand challenges in replicating data and how to overcome them
  • Know more about the advantages of a log based replication solution learn about components of IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR) and its various options for replication

This course is designed to familiarize Database Administrators, IT Managers, Project managers, System Support Specialists, Data Warehousing Managers with Data Replication Concepts.

You should have:

  • Familiarity with databases and tables structures
  • Unit 1 What is data Replication and its different meanings
  • Unit 2 Business Drivers of Data Replication
  • Unit 3 Challenges in Replicating Data
  • Unit 4 Row Level Data Replication
  • Unit 5 The Database Log
  • Unit 6 The IBM InfoSphere Data Replication solution
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