IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Essentials 9.1


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This course teaches how to build QualityStage parallel jobs that investigate, standardize, match, and consolidate data records. You will gain experience by building an application that combines customer data from three source systems into a single master customer record.

  • Describe data quality definition and issues
  • Build QualityStage jobs to investigate data quality issues
  • Build QualityStage jobs to cleanse data
  • Consolidate duplicate records using QualityStage
  • Create a consolidated view of customer records
  • Create a reference match that will relate customers to event data

This course is for Data Analysts, Quality Arch. and, Data Cleansing Dev. responsible for cleaning up duplicates, redundant information, conflicting data will benefit from this course while helping them to use QualityStage in the most effective way.

You should have familiarity with:

  • Windows
  • A text editor
  • Data Quality Issues
  • QualityStage Architecture
  • Developing with QualityStage
  • Investigation
  • Standardize
  • Match
  • Survivorship
  • Reference Match
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