APL-MAC150-120 Mac Integration Basics 10.12


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Organizations are increasingly integrating Mac computers into Windows or other standards-based network environments. But users and the IT professionals who support them can relax, because Mac integration is easy. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for a successful integration. For additional help, please contact your Authorized Apple reseller or account representative.


  • Upon completion of the Mac Integration Basics 10.12 course, students will be able to:
  • Integrate a Mac into a Windows network environment
  • Configure a Mac to work with Active Directory
  • Take advantage of network services, file sharing, printing, instant messaging, email, calendars, and contacts
  • Provide security at the user, local-networking, and remote-networking levels
  • Migrate data from a Windows PC to a Mac
  • Back up data
  • Run Windows programs on a Mac
  • Users who bring a Mac into organizations that predominantly use the Microsoft Windows operating system and Windows Server Essentials
  • Users who replace a Windows personal computer (PC) with a Mac
  • IT professionals who support Mac users in organizations that predominantly use Windows and Windows Server Essential
  • Understand how to use a Mac, a PC, and computer peripheral

Directory Services

  • Connecting a Mac to a directory server
  • Using network accounts

File Sharing

  • Connecting to file servers
  • Turning on personal file sharing

Email, Contacts, and Calendars

  • Managing Internet Accounts preferences
  • Connecting to an Exchange Server
  • Connecting Mail to non-Windows servers
  • Adding accounts in Mail, Contacts, and Calendars


  • Built-in security features
  • Creating strong passwords
  • Using two-factor authentication
  • Setting a firmware password
  • Locking a Mac screen
  • Creating user accounts
  • Disabling automatic login

Protecting start-up disk files

  • Ensuring that the apps you download are safe
  • Providing network security


  • Connecting to a local printer
  • Setting up a wireless printer
  • Sharing your printer
  • Setting up a printer shared by a Mac and a PC via SMB or CIFS
  • Setting up an IP printer
  • Specifying printer features
  • Printing from a network printer

Instant Messaging

  • iMessage
  • Jabber
  • Configuring Messages
  • Adding accounts
  • Chatting on a local network with Bonjour

Moving and Backing Up Content

  • Moving content
  • Backing up data with Time Machine

Running Windows on a Mac

  • Running Windows natively or virtually
  • Using Office
  • Using cross-platform apps
  • Using cross-platform files

Additional Resources

  • Books
  • Courses
  • Certifications
  • Support

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