IBM Platform Report Track Monitor


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This course teaches IBM Platform RTM 9.1.2.
The course is designed to provide students with general information about RTM and to create necessary skills to manipulate RTM interface in order to collect, analyze data and produce reports.


Define Platform RTM and its components

Describe the Platform RTM high level environment and architecture

Explain how RTM collects data and list the RTM key features

Report and monitor RTM application

Manage RTM UI's devices

LSF prerequisites prior to adding clusters to RTM

Adding and editing FLEXlm servers

Locate files in RTM file structure

Check the RTM servers health

Check the status of RTM services

Check the databases health

Review the RTM log for errors

Resolve cluster collect status down issues

Troubleshoot if you get gaps in your graphs

Explain the RTM database schema

Describe the RRDfiles and RRDtool

This course is for RTM administrators.

You should complete:

  • LSF Basic and Advanced courses
  • Platform RTM for LSF clusters
  • Platform RTM dashboard
  • Configuring LSF clusters and FlexIm in RTM UI
  • Platform RTM troubleshooting
  • Platform RTM advanced features
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