IBM Platform Application Center


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This course teaches IBM Platform Application Center (PAC) version 9.1.3.
The course is designed to enable users and administrators to use PAC dashboard for basic and advanced job management.


Explain PAC features

Describe user and admin PAC Dashboard

Detail job status and management (user and admin)

Describe the process of submitting jobs in PAC; Display job details; View job output

Filter jobs

Setup job list view preference

Describe Application integration management

Use the following applications:

  •    Form management
  •    Template form creation
  •    Template script creation
  •    Template testing
  •    Template publishing/unpublishing
  •    Template access permissions

Display administrator control user job

This basic course is for end users and administrators.

You should have taken LSF Basic and Advanced courses.


  • End user and administrator
  • Basic Jobs Management

Advanced Jobs Management and PAC:

  • Administrator
  • Applications
  • Advanced Jobs Management
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