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This course teaches IBM Platform HPC version 4.2. 
The course is a workshop-focused, hands-on class designed to give system administrators the knowledge and confidence required to implement and maintain IBM Platform HPC in their HPC environment. You will gain a solid and fundamental understanding of the product's features, including how the product is implemented, configured, and administered. The workshops provide hands-on experience with the material presented during class.


•Define HPC cluster concepts and terminology
•Define IBM Platform HPC concepts and terminology
•List Platform HPC components
•Install Platform HPC
•Manage the Platform HPC cluster
•Provision compute nodes
•Describe the Platform HPC architecture
•Describe Platform LSF concepts
•Be able to submit and manage LSF jobs
•Describe Platform MPI concepts
•Detail on submitting and managing MPI jobs
•Explain how to integrate applications
•Detail the monitoring capabilities of Platform HPC
•Describe how to enable High Availability
•Describe how to troubleshoot and obtain support
•Describe the process for building and deploying Platform HPC kits
•Describe how to implement custom networking configuration

The target audience for this basic course are System administrators who will implement the HPC cluster and who will be responsible for managing the environment.

You should have:

  • At least some Linux/Unix command-line experience

No previous experience with IBM Platform products is assumed or required.

Introduction to high performance computing
IBM Platform HPC terminology
Introduction to Platform HPC
Installing Platform HPC
Cluster resource management
Provisioning and updating cluster nodes
Advanced cluster resource management
Platform HPC backend
Platform LSF: Workload Scheduler
Platform MPI
Application integration
Monitoring the cluster
Platform HPC high availability
Support and troubleshooting
Build and deploy Platform HPC kits
Custom networking configurations

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