IBM XIV Host Attachment and Interoperability


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This course is designed to leverage XIV in virtualized IT environments. The focus is on planning and implementation tasks associated with integrating the XIV into Cloud and VMware. It also details:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Remote Mirroring
  • 3-Way Mirroring
  • HyperScale Mobility
  • Data Migration
  • Multi-tenancy
  • VMWare related to XIV
  • XIV Integration in Windows 2012
  • Recognize the benefit of implementing XIV Storage solution
  • Differentiate the concepts of High Availability comprising XIV Synchronous and Asynchronous Mirroring
  • Recognize higher level of data protection comprised by XIV 3-way mirroring
  • Create a migration plan using the XIV embedded migration functionality
  • Implement IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility
  • Differentiate OpenStack Cloud architectural ideas and concepts
  • Recall infrastructure components related to IBM Storage VMware integration
  • Summarize the features of the VMware Site Recovery Manager in relation to XIV disaster recovery
  • Recognize the components required to manage an IBM XIV from Microsoft Windows 2012 perspective

This intermediate lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who are assessing and/or planning to deploy XIV storage based solutions.

You should have taken:

  • Introduction to XIV Storage (SSA0G) or equivalent experience;

And you should have:

  • An understanding of the basic concepts of open systems disk storage systems and I/O operations.

Day 1

  • Unit 1: Synchronous and Asynchronous Mirroring
  • Exercise 1: Asynchronous Remote Mirror
  • Unit 2: 3-Way Mirroring
  • Exercise 2: 3-Way Mirroring (Video)
  • Unit 3: Data Migration
  • Exercise 3: Data Migration
  • Unit 4: HyperScale Mobility
  • Exercise 4: HyperScale Mobility
  • Unit 5: Cloud introduction and OpenStack

Day 2

  • Exercise 5: OpenStack
  • Unit 6: Multi-tenancy and Management Tools
  • Exercise 6: Multi-tenancy and Management Tools
  • Unit 7: IBM System Storage Integration in VMWare
  • Exercise 7: IBM System Storage Integration in VMWare
  • Unit 8: VMWare Site Recovery Manager
  • Exercise 8: VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Unit 9: IBM XIV Integration in Windows 2012
  • Exercise 9: IBM XIV Integration in Windows 2012
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