IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6 Installation and Configuration


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Learn to install and perform an initial configuration of Tivoli Storage Productivity Center 5.2. This course covers installation on a single virtual machine. During configuration, you add hardware and deploy a storage resource agent to a remote physical system.


After completing this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:

• Navigate the components of IBM Spectrum Control

• Install Spectrum Control

• Initially configure Spectrum Control

This intermediate-level course is designed for storage administrators.

Before taking this course, make sure that you understand storage virtualization, SAN management and zoning.



Unit 1 - Introduction to IBM Spectrum Control
Unit 2 - Installation of Spectrum Control
Unit 3 - How to configure IBM Spectrum Control.


o Installing the IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6 server

Exercise 1 Preparing files for installation
Exercise 2 Installing and configuring IBM DB2
Exercise 3 Installing the Spectrum Control server
Exercise 4 Installing Cognos advanced reporting prerequisites
Exercise 5 Installing Cognos Reporting for Spectrum Control

o Configuring the IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6 server

Exercise 1 Verifying installation and first steps
Exercise 2 Monitoring a remote server
Exercise 3 Adding a CIM agent to monitor the host SAN switch
Exercise 4 Monitoring a storage virtualization server
Exercise 5 Monitoring HBA ports of an agentless server
Exercise 6 Deploying a remote storage resource agent (SRA)
Exercise 7 Monitoring back-end storage devices
Exercise 8 Configuring alert disposition
Exercise 9 Examining fabric and zone configuration
Exercise 10 Adding a hypervisor
Exercise 11 Assigning user roles in Spectrum Control

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