IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.6 Daily Operations and Provisioning


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In this is a 2-day instructor-led course, you learn to create and manipulate performance monitor reports. The course also covers the Advanced Analytics aspects of IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, including optimization and provisioning.

In the first unit of this course, you create performance monitor reports that help troubleshooting. These reports are separate from the Cognos generated reports. You create performance reports and use features of the Web-based GUI to examine and synchronize the reports.

In the second unit of the course, the student exercises and lecture focus on the Advanced Analytics section of the Web-based GUI. You define service classes and capacity pools to use for optimization and provisioning.


After completing this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:
Generate performance reports
- Configure data collection for Spectrum Control
- Synchronize performance reports
- Customize a performance report
Provision SVC vDisks using Spectrum Control
Provision storage to a hypervisor
- Install the Spectrum Control web client plug-in for VMware
- Use the Spectrum Control plug-in to provision a datastore from within vCenter

This intermediate-level course is designed for storage administrators.

You should understand storage virtualization, SAN management, and zoning.

Daily Functions for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

  • Collecting device data
  • Viewing collected data
  • Synchronizing Performance Reports
  • Alerts & History

Cloud Configuration using Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

  • Advanced analytics overview
  • Configuring service classes
  • Optimization
  • Provisioning using Spectrum Control
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