GDPS/PPRC Implementation Workshop


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This course is intended for ATS and FTSS Professionals and IBM Customers who already have implemented GDPS and need to develop the skills and knowledge required to operate and maintain a GDPS/PPRC(Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy - also known as Metro Mirror) environment. It provides an overview of the planning, implementation and operational aspects of GDPS reinforced with extensive hands-on customization and operation of a GDPS environment. You will explore the technology that combines near continuous availability benefits with disaster recovery protection. This course is hands-on lab intensive.

PLEASE NOTE: Expect long days! Due to the amount of content covered and number of labs that you will perform, this class may run later than normal office hours, and may start earlier in the mornings on Day 2, per the instructor's discretion. This class may run to 6:00 pm or later in the evenings, and start prior to 9:00 a.m. in the mornings in order to assure all learning objectives are met and the class stays on schedule.

  • Implement GDPS, including the definition of policies
  • Implement RCMF
  • Implement GDPS standard actions
  • Define DASD configuration (GDPS and RCMF)
  • Understand Controlling system requirements (GDPS)
  • Understand Systems management in a multisite environment (GDPS)
  • Design maintenance procedures for the GDPS environment
  • Design test processes to ensure recovery ability
  • Use MVS, Remote Copy, and GDPS commands to control and maintain the GDPS environment
  • Build GDPS project management skills
  • Assist with the development of a GDPS implementation plan
  • Enable performance monitoring and tuning for the XRC environment

This advanced course is for Service Perform Specialist or qualified Customer with working experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Parallel Sysplex implementation; System Automation for z/OS implementation; PPRC implementation.

Attention: This workshop is restricted to employees of enterprises with an existing, valid GDPS/PPRC license.

You should have a good working knowledge in one of the following areas:

  • Storage and/or remote copy administration/management
  • z/OS and Sysplex management
  • Automation

In addition to the above background skill requirements, you are expected to have read An Introduction to Concepts and Capabilities (GDPS) available as a Redpiece at URL:

  • GDPS/PPRC Overview
  • PPRC Overview with PPRC TSO operations lab
  • GDPS GEOPARM Configuration with GEOPARM and DASD operations lab
  • GDPS Customization with lab
  • Freeze Data Consistency checking lab
  • Standard Actions with Site Table customization and Standard Actions lab
  • Sysplex Resource Management with lab
  • GDPS planned and takeover action scripts
  • GDPS planned action lab
  • GDPS takeover action lab
  • GDPS FlashCopy with lab
  • HyperSwap
  • Planned HyperSwap Lab
  • Unplanned HyperSwap Lab
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