GDPS/Active-Active Implementation Workshop


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This workshop is intended for IBM technical professionals (IT specialists, IT architects, technical sales specialist, etc) who will be involved in implementing or architecting a GDPS/Active-Active solution. Project managers who will manage a GDPS/Active-Active implementation project will also benefit.


Please refer to Course Overview for description information.

Attention: This basic workshop is restricted to employees of enterprises with an existing, valid GDPS/GM license.

You should have a good working knowledge in one of the following areas:

  • Storage and/or remote copy administration/management
  • z/OS and Sysplex management
  • Automation
  • Overview of GDPS/Active-Active
  • Replication for DB2 and IMS workloads
  • Multi-site Workload Advisor
  • System Automation Policy definition including BCPii and NetView Customisation
  • GDPS User Interface usage
  • GDPS Scripts
  • GDPS Scenarios, planned and unplanned
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