GDPS/MGM 3-Site Implementation Workshop


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This workshop is intended for IBM Customers and IBM technical professionals who will be involved in implementing an GDPS/MGM 3-site solution. Project managers who will manage a GDPS/MGM 3-site implementation project may also benefit.


Please refer to Course Overview for description information.

The basic workshop is also intended for technical customer staff who are new to GDPS and are looking to develop GDPS skills because their job directly or indirectly involves GDPS.

You must have attended both the GDPS/PPRC Implementation Workshop (GDPS1) and GDPS/Global Mirror Implementation Workshop (GDPS3) to get the most out of this workshop as these two subjects are not covered in any detail and prior knowledge is expected. A good working knowledge of both GDPS/PPRC and GDPS/GM is assumed.

  • Overview of GDPS/MGM
  • MGM Technology Overview
  • System Automation Policy definition for GDPS/MGM
  • Defining the disk configuration to GDPS/MGM
  • GDPS User Interface exploitation
  • GDPS Remote script execution
  • GDPS MGM 3-site procedures and scenarios
  • GDPS MGM 4-site overview
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