MYSQL Performance Tuning


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Al termine di questo corso gli studenti sarano in grado di:

  • Develop a tuning strategy
  • Display knowledge of MySQL architecture
  • Display knowledge and ability to use diagnostic tools
  • Display knowledge and ability to use tuning tools
  • Write queries against the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database and be able to decipher the metadata obtained
  • Understand the relational database model and both the positive and negative implications on performance
  • Display, decipher and edit server configuration variables to improve performance of your applications
  • Display and analyze status variables to ensure that their applications are utilizing the settings in the most effective manner
  • Write queries that take advantage of the MySQL 5.0 performance enhancements dealing with queries and indexing
  • Decide which of the storage engines could be used in their specific application needs
  • Evaluate the application architecture for efficient design, structure, caching, number of connections and other factors affecting performance
  • Evaluate hardware and OS for effects on performance
  • Evaluate techniques for loading data into the database and effects on performance


    Database Administrators and System Administrators che attualmente mantengono MySQL server (s), sviluppatori di database e programmatori che attualmente progettano e/o interagiscono con il database MySQL


    • MySQL Overview, Products, Services and Enterprise Services
    • Supported Operating Services
    • MySQL Certification Program
    • Training Curriculum Paths
    • MySQL Website
    • Installing MySQL
    • Installing the world Database

    MySQL Architecture

    • MySQL Architecture Overview (High Level)
    • Client/Server Architecture
    • Storage Engine Concept
    • Data Directory
    • Data Storage
    • Locks

    MySQL Performance Tools

    • Overview
    • Benchmarking Tools
    • Administration Tools
    • Specific SHOW commands

    Schema Design

    • Data Modeling
    • Normalization
    • Denormalization
    • Data Types
    • Partitioning


    • Indexes
    • MySQL Index Types
    • Index Optimizations

    Statement Tuning

    • General SQL Tuning
    • MySQL Optimizer
    • Finding Problematic Queries
    • Caching and MySQL
    • Choose an Architecture


    • Caching Benefits
    • Non-MySQL Caches
    • Query Cache
    • MEMORY/MyISAM Tables as Cache

    MySQL Server Configuration

    • Server Connection Parameters
    • Table Cache and Multi-threading Issues
    • Individual Thread Parameters
    • General Monitoring
    • Table Handlers


    • Where to use
    • Row Storage Format
    • Indexing
    • Locking
    • Key Cache
    • MyISAM Tuning
    • Other optimization tools for MyISAM
    • MERGE Storage Engine


    • Transactions
    • Internal Buffers
    • Indexes
    • Crash Recovery
    • Best Practices
    • Tuning
    • Comparing InnoDB and MyISAM

    Alternate Storage Engines

    • Performance Issues with Mutliple Storage Engines
    • Creating a Custom Storage Engine
    • MySQL Cluster


    • Course Overview
    • Training and Certification Website
    • Course Evaluation
    • Thank You!
    • QA Session

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