Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications


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Obiettivi del Corso

  • Describe a systematic methodology to troubleshoot Cisco Unified Communications solutions
  • Isolate and troubleshoot reported issues that relate to Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Diagnose a call setup issue and resolve the issues as you discover or reveal them, given a trouble call for which the source of the problem is unknown
  • Solve the common issues of an SAF-enabled network and CCD
  • Troubleshoot issues that are related to Cisco Unified Communications Manager features and applications
  • Troubleshoot voice quality issues and issues that are related to media resources
Network Administrators and Network Engineers CCNP Voice candidates

The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Working knowledge of converged voice and data networks.
  • Working knowledge of the MGCP, SIP, and H.323 and their implementation on Cisco IOS gateways.
  • Working knowledge of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communications features and applications, and Cisco IOS voice gateways in a single-site and multisite environment

Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications (TVOICE) v8.0 prepares network professionals with the knowledge and skills that are required to troubleshoot Cisco Unified Communications systems and solutions in enterprise, midmarket, and commercial deployments in single-site and multisite environments. The course teaches troubleshooting methodology, triage, resources, tools, and fixes at the integrated system or solution level for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Solutions
  • Module 2: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Troubleshooting
  • Module 3: Troubleshooting Call Setup Issues
  • Module 4: SAF and CCD Issues
  • Module 5: Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager Features and Application Issues
  • Module 6: Voice Quality and Media Resources Issues


  • Lab 2-1: Troubleshooting Gateway and Endpoint Registration Issues
  • Lab 2-2: Troubleshooting LDAP Integration Issues
  • Lab 3-1: Troubleshooting On-Net Single-Site Calling Issues
  • Lab 3-2: Troubleshooting On-Net Multisite Calling Issues
  • Lab 3-3: Troubleshooting Off-Net Calling Issues
  • Lab 3-4: Troubleshooting Globalized Call Routing Issues
  • Lab 4-1: Troubleshooting SAF Client and Forwarder Issues
  • Lab 5-1: Troubleshooting Device Mobility Issues
  • Lab 5-2: Troubleshooting Cisco Extension Mobility Issues
  • Lab 5-3: Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Mobility Issues
  • Lab 5-4: Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager Native Presence Issues
  • Lab 6-1: Troubleshooting MOH Issues
  • Lab 6-2: Troubleshooting Transcoder Issues
  • Lab 6-3: Troubleshooting Issues with RSVP Agents

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