APL-MAC150-130 Mac Integration Basics 10.13


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This Mac Integration Basics 10.13 course is designed to provide students with easy Mac integration knowledge. Organizations are increasingly integrating Mac computers into Windows or other standards-based network environments. This course provides step-by-step instructions for a successful integration. For Students attending a Class: Each student will need a setup with two (2) devices. One device may be a Mac or iPad, while the other must be a Mac with the correct software (and version) being taught in the course already installed. This setup will allow students to view their course material on one device and complete support exercises on the Mac.

Upon completion of the Mac Integration Basics 10.13 course, students will be able to:
  • Integrate a Mac into a Windows network environment.
  • Configure a Mac to work with Active Directory.
  • Take advantage of network services, file sharing, printing, instant messaging, email, calendars, and contacts.
  • Provide security at the user, local-networking, and remote-networking levels.
  • Migrate data from a Windows computer to a Mac.
  • Back up data.
  • Run Windows programs on a Mac.
  • Users who bring a Mac into organizations that predominantly use the
  • Microsoft Windows operating system and Windows Server Essentials
  • Users who replace a Windows computer with a Mac
  • IT professionals who support Mac users in organizations that
  • Predominantly use Windows and Windows Server Essentials
  • Good grasp as end user of Mac, Windows computer and computer peripherals.
  • Audience
  • What you'll learn
  • Before you start
Directory Services
  • Connect a Mac to an Active Directory server
  • Summary
Share Files
  • Connect to file servers
  • Turn on personal file sharing
  • Summary
Configure Collaborative Services
  • Manage Internet Accounts preferences
  • Connect to an Exchange Server
  • Connect Mail to non-Windows Servers
  • Add accounts in Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

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