Check Point Troubleshooting Administrator


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Il corso fornisce una comprensione dei concetti e delle competenze necessarie utili per risolvere i problemi che possono verificarsi durante la gestione dell'architettura Check Point Security Management e Security Gateways.

Per seguire il corso con successo è consigliabile aver seguito il corso CCSA.

Preface: Troubleshooting Administrator
Check Point CheckMates
Course Chapters and Learning Objectives
Lab Topology
Related Certification

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Troubleshooting
Check Point Product Support Services
Support Center
Service Requests
Opening a New Service Request
Packet Capturing Tools
FW Monitor
Basic Kernel Debugging
Introducing Kernel Mode and User Mode
Debug Commands
Interpreting Debugs
Troubleshooting with Linux Commands
System Monitoring Commands

Chapter 2: SmartConsole and Policy Management Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Communication Issues
Management Se1ver Connectivity Issues
Troubleshooting Tips
SmartConsole Login and Authentication
Troubleshooting Authentication Issues
SmartConsole Crashes and Freezes
Crash Reports
Smart Console Application Freezes
Resolving Licensing and Contract Issues
Viewing Licenses and Contract Status Information
Resolving Issues and Errors
Troubleshooting Policy Installation Issues
Policy Installation Issues
Troubleshooting Tips

Chapter 3: Monitoring Logging Activity
Collecting Logs
Preliminary Questions
Log Collection Issues
Security Management Server Not Receiving Logs
Security Gateway Starts Logging Locally
Logs Sent to a Secondary Log Server Instead of the Primary Server
Log Analysis
Packet Captures
Using SmartView Monitor
Restoring Intermpted Communica.tions
Checking Configurations
Checking the NAT Connection

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Issues with NAT
Understanding Network Address Translation
Hide NAT and Static NAT
Troubleshooting NAT Failures
Hide NAT Failure
Static NAT Failure
Client and Server Side NAT
Client Side NAT
Server Side NAT

Chapter 5: Understanding the Unified Access Control Policy
The Unified Access Control Policy
Packet Processing Infrastructure
Application Control and URL Filtering
The Application Database
Troubleshooting the Update Process
Troubleshooting Other Issues
HTTPS Inspection
HTTPS Inspection and CPAS
Debugging HTTPS Inspection Related Issues
Troubleshooting Content Awareness
Process Flow
Network Protocols

Chapter 6: Basic VPN Troubleshooting
VPN Communication Channels
IKEvl and IKEv2
Common VPN Communication Issues
VPN Debugging
Debugging Site-to-Site VPN

Chapter 7: Monitoring ClusterXL Connections
Monitoring Cluster Status
Critical Devices
Reporting the Status of a Device
Registering and U nregistering Devices
Cluster Interfaces
Troubleshooting State Synchronization
Analyzing Output
Synchronization Troubleshooting Options

Chapter 8: Identity Awareness
Identity Sources
Verifying Communication Between Sources and Gateways
PDP and PEP Processes
Troubleshooting PDP and PEP
Lab: Monitoring Security Gateway Traffic
Using FW Monitor to Evaluate Security Gateway Traffic
Reviewing Traffic Conditions
Lab: Troubleshooting Issues with SmartConsole
Testing Administrator Authentication
Evaluating Licensing Informati.on in SmartConsole
Verifying Licenses using CLI
Lab: Troubleshooting Log Connectivity I ssues
Verifying Log Collection Activity
Verifying Gateway and Log Server Connectivity
Troubleshooting Remote Gateway Connectivity Issues
Lab: Investigating NAT Issues
Examining Hide NAT Configuration Using SmartConsole
Analyzing Hide NAT Traffic using Packet Captures
Exploring Static NAT Configuration Using SmartConsole
Examining Static NAT Traffic Using Packet Captures
Lab: Troubleshooting General Traffic Issues
Troubleshooting Firewall Traffic
Monitoring the Access Control Policy
Lab: Evaluating HTTP and HTTPS Traffic Issues
Troubleshooting Web-Based Traffic
Evaluating Debugs and Packet Captures for HTIP and HTTPS Traffic
Lab: Troubleshooting Site-to-Site VPN Issues
Verifying VPN Connectivity
Troubleshooting VPN Connection Failure
Lab: Troubleshooting Clustering Issues
Examining che Current Cluster State
Evaluating Cluster Failover Conditions
Lab: Troubleshooting Identity Awareness
Testing Browser Based Authentication
Evaluating Identity Logging
Identifying a Current AD Query User
Resolving Multi-User Host Issues
Lab: Configuring and Testing Identity Collector
Configuring Identity Collector
Verifying Identity Collector Connectivity

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