Advanced IBM Web Content Manager 8.5


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This 3-day advanced course contains lectures and lab exercises that enhance your ability to create and manage content with IBM Web Content Manager 8.5.

This course begins with discussions of the Web Content Manager API, theme development tools, and REST services. You then learn how to extend your authoring environment and customize workflows. Next, various integration techniques are discussed such as the Digital Data Connector (DDC), the Web Content Integrator, Enterprise Content Manager, and the Script Portlet.  Finally, you learn how to manage Portal search, syndication, and multilingual sites.


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the IBM Web Content Manager API

  • Use theme development tools

  • Use REST services to update IBM Web Content Manager content

  • Work with the Digital Data Connector (DDC)

  • Extend the IBM Web Content Manager authoring environment

  • Extend change management with custom workflows

  • Create an archive page and link component

  • Integrate content with IBM Web Content Integrator

  • Work with an Enterprise Content Manager

  • Use the IBM Script Portlet

  • Understand and configure Portal search features

  • Manage syndication

  • Create and manage a multilingual site

  • Configure IBM Web Content Manager caching

This course is intended for developers who need a deeper understanding of Web Content Manager APIs and how to extend the authoring and rendering interface. The course also includes foundational information about administration aspects of Web Content Ma

Before taking this course, students should have:

  • Completed the course WPL47: Developing Websites Using IBM Web Content Manager 8.5

    or have equivalent knowledge of how to develop a website with IBM Web Content Manager

  • Experience with Rational Application Developer

    or other Eclipse-based application development tools

  • Experience with Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Experience with website development and maintenance

The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1. Web Content Manager application programming interface (API)
  • Unit 2. Theme development tools
  • Exercise 1. Using the Theme Manager and Theme Editor
  • Unit 3. REST services for IBM Web Content Manager
  • Exercise 2. Using REST services to update IBM Web Content Manager content
  • Unit 4. Introduction to Digital Data Connector (DDC)
  • Exercise 3. Creating a Digital Data Connector to retrieve remote XML data
  • Unit 5. Extending the authoring environment
  • Exercise 4. Creating a custom launch page and file upload validation plug-in
  • Unit 6. Extending change management with custom workflows
  • Exercise 5. Creating a custom workflow action
  • Unit 7. Integrating content with IBM Web Content Integrator
  • Exercise 6. Creating an archive page and link component
  • Exercise 7. Using the Web Content Integrator for RSS feed integration
  • Unit 8. Integrating Enterprise Content Manager by using federated documents
  • Exercise 8. Configure Web Content Manager to retrieve content from an Enterprise Content Manager server
  • Unit 9. Using the IBM Script Portlet
  • Exercise 9. Working with the Script Portlet
  • Unit 10. Portal search
  • Exercise 10. Configuring search within a website
  • Unit 11. Syndication
  • Exercise 11. Working with syndication
  • Unit 12. Creating and managing a multilingual site
  • Exercise 12. Creating and managing multilingual content
  • Unit 13. Caching and
  • Course completion
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