Developing Applications with IBM Forms Experience Builder


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This course teaches you how to develop web forms with IBM Forms Experience Builder.

IBM Forms Experience Builder dramatically reduces the time and effort that are required to deliver compelling interactive applications. It provides features and applications for creating, customizing, deploying, and maintaining forms, styles, and themes. The simple web-based user interface allows any web designer to quickly assemble a series of application screens, capture data into a relational database, and provide email notifications an integrated workflow. Forms Experience Builder also provides a ready-to-use portlet for integration with other WebSphere Portal applications.

In this course, you develop the skills that are needed to create and design multiple types of web forms for a wide range of companies and services. In hands-on lab exercises throughout the course, you apply concepts that you learn in the lectures.

The lab environment for this course uses Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify what is new in IBM Forms Experience Builder V8.6.1
  • Use Forms Experience Builder to design forms as an overall web experience
  • Describe how to use services in applications
  • Create custom themes
  • Extend Forms Experience Builder applications with JavaScript API
  • Apply security applications on forms
  • Integrate IBM Forms Experience Builder with Portal
  • Integrate IBM Forms Experience Builder with other services

This course is designed for architects and developers.

Before taking this course, you should have:

  • Good technical understanding of Internet concepts
  • General understanding of object-oriented programming concepts, systems, and languages
  • Some knowledge of Web 2.0 concepts
  • Some knowledge of WebSphere Portal

Course introduction
Introduction to Forms Experience Builder
Forms Experience Builder installation and configuration
Exercise: Forms Experience Builder V8.6.1 user interface
Building Forms Experience Builder applications
Exercise: Building a survey application
Using services in an application
Exercise: Creating an expense report application
Application patterns and security
Exercise: Applying security to an application
Custom themes with Forms Experience Builder
Exercise: Creating custom themes
Forms Experience Builder JavaScript API
Exercise: Extending applications with JavaScript API
Service integration
Exercise: Portal integration
Exercise: Integrating services in an application
Integrating Forms Experience Builder with REST API, DDC, and the Script Portlet
Exercise: Using the DDC to integrate data with Forms Experience Builder
Course summary

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