IBM TRIRIGA Leased and Owned Property Contract Management 10.3


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Learn how to manage your real estate lease obligations with TRIRIGA. You can store all contract documentation, conditions, clauses, options, and financial transactions in one comprehensive repository. Learn to set up automated notifications and alerts about upcoming critical dates including lease expirations, required actions, and contract options to avoid overpayment, late fees, and missed opportunities. You also learn to create up-to-date financial reports, maintain an accurate payment process, and satisfy regulatory requirements. To get the most from this course, plan how you will use TRIRIGA in your current environment before attending class.

  • Manage leases
  • Track critical lease terms and dates
  • Manage rent and expenses
  • Manage tenants and billing

This intermediate-level course is for anyone who uses IBM TRIRIGA Lease and Owned Property Contract Management.

You should have basic TRIRIGA navigation skills.

  • Contract management
  • Contract management setup
  • Lease abstracting
  • Leases and contracts
  • Processing contract payments
  • Payment adjustments
  • Real estate requests
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