Essentials of IBM Rational Integration Tester V9.0.1


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This is a one-day, instructor-led integration testing tool training course.

This introductory course is designed to familiarize testing professionals with the basics of the IBM Rational integration testing tool. Students will learn

  • About the basics of integration testing
  • About the different components of Integration Tester
  • How to model the system under test
  • How to recording, create and run tests
  • About creating stubs
  • About creating and running test suites
  • Interpreting test results
  • Describe how the different components used by RIT can work together
  • Describe the various perspectives in RIT and how they are used
  • Explain how RIT can facilitate testing of services in a message-oriented middleware architecture system by
    • Virtualizing parts of the system as needed for particular test scenarios
    • Providing a graphical interface for the display and creation of messages
    • Allowing the running of a test to be repeated over and over with little manual intervention
    • Exposing the details of the process to provide better information from the test team to the development team, enabling test failures to be examined in detail
  • Use RIT to
    • Create and run automated tests and test suites
    • Create stubs
    • Produce detailed reports on test suites

Our primary audience for this course is a:

  • Software tester
  • Test Manager

The secondary target audience for this course are:

  • System architects
  • Software developers
  • Working knowledge of XML or other message schemas
  • Web services, JMS or IBM Websphere MQ

Unit 1: Integration testing overview
Unit 2: Prepare for testing
Unit 3: Create a new project
Unit 4: Modeling the system under system
Unit 5: Record events and create tests
Unit 6: Running tests
Unit 7: Creating and running stubs
Unit 8: Test Automation

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