Essentials of IBM Rational Test Workbench Web UI Tester


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This two-day instructor led course teaches software testers how to test the user interface of web applications from a desktop browser by using IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) Web UI Tester.

This introductory course is designed to familiarize testing professionals with the basics of the IBM Rational Test Workbench Web UI Tester. Students will learn the power of IBM RTW Web UI Tester to test web applications. They will explore the test artifacts that can be created in the tool and how they can be modified according to the need.

  • Describe the RTW Web UI Tester workbench project area
  • Set up the client application for testing
  • Record an automated test script
  • Insert verification points in a test script
  • Split test actions
  • Execute common editing tasks in a test script
  • Create datapools in a test script
  • Create compound tests
  • Play back a test script
  • Evaluate play back results
  • Use custom code in a test script

The course is intended for anyone who is a member of a software testing team that plans to use RTW Web UI Tester 9.x for recording and play back of automated test scripts for web applications

  • Understanding of the concepts of software testing
  • Understanding of web application architectures

Unit 1: Getting started with Rational Web UI Tester
Unit 2: Record automated test scripts
Unit 3: Run automated test scripts and evaluate results
Unit 4: Editing test scripts
Unit 5: Add a custom script to the test

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